Commercial Solar

Increase Your Property Value, Decrease Your Utility Bill

Clean solar energy offers commercial property owners a low-risk opportunity to capture an attractive ROI and increase asset value while switching to a clean, renewable source of electricity. Now is the time to go solar – take advantage of the 26% federal solar tax credit and many other incentives currently available. Contact us today to learn more about the ways solar can save your business money and bring the environmental and social benefits of joining the renewable energy future.

Why Commercial Solar?

Ipsun Solar provides turn-key commercial solar power solutions for businesses and non-profits in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. 

  • Energy Savings: Solar will save your business money every day and protect it from rising energy rates​
  • Solar Incentives: Limited-time incentives reduce the cost of commercial solar by 45-55%
  • Sustainability: You will be a leader in the community as you modernize your office and reduce your carbon footprint

While outright purchase of a solar energy equipment installation holds advantages, alternative finance makes more sense for many companies.