Ipsun Power organizes an event for children between 5 and 10 years old. The goal is to submit the best artwork (drawing or painting) related to the Sun. Submit your artwork via email to [email protected] and get selected by our Jury on Wednesday, July 25 to receive gift cards for ice cream from Ben&Jerry’s.

Art of Ipsun Competition

How to Participate

You do not need to register. Send us your drawings or paintings as soon as it’s done. Send it to us via email at [email protected] with your name. We’ll select the 3 best artwork related to the Sun and will reach back out to you when our Jury made a selection.

Logistics & Timing

  • Send artwork via email to [email protected]
  • Write your name in the email so we know who made the artwork
  • You can add a short description of your artwork if you want (not required)
  • Deadline to receive artworks via email is 9 pm EST on Tuesday, July 24th
  • The winners will be made public on Wednesday, July 25 at 2 pm and notified via email.
  • The first prize is a gift card of $20 from Ben & Jerry’s, the 2nd price is a $15 gift card and the 3rd price is a $10 gift card.