We help you save the planet, spend less & generate your own power with custom built solar panel solutions for your home or business

Ipsun Solar is inspired by a Latin word meaning “your own.” Why are we called Ipsun? We install solar panels allowing anyone to generate their own power.

The energy status quo goes like this: Customer gives money to the electric utility each month for power that is mostly from fossil fuels. Coal and gas power have consequences that are harmful to our communities and the environment.

Ipsun Solar offers the ability to make a quick, easy change: By producing your own power from solar, you will lock in low electricity costs from a cleaner source of energy, and you will add value to your home or business.

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Our Services and Territory

Ipsun Solar is a full EPC company. That’s engineering, procurement and construction of solar. We perform residential, commercial and utility-scale solar panel installations focusing on the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland area.

Getting work done to your property can be daunting. That’s why we pride ourselves on knowing the unique complexities of the solar industry and on designing custom-made solar PV systems for each client.

One of our co-founders is an electro-mechanical engineer. He designed one of the world’s first solar cars along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) over a decade ago. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we use a flexible approach. No one should settle for less than custom solar.


What gets us out of bed every day is providing solutions to climate change, creating energy resiliency, and making lasting, meaningful impacts on our communities. Our company is growing fast, and we are a B Corporation! We are consistently reviewed well and rated highly for our integrity, honesty, and above all, a love for what we do.


Fighting climate change by installing as many solar panels as we can.

Hervé Billiet


Co-founder and CEO

Herve is a renewable energy veteran and a Master Electrician. He designed the first Belgian solar car when he was 21 years old. Soon after, he was invited by MIT in Boston to advance its sustainable transportation initiatives. Herve then designed and installed his first residential solar system in 2009. After working for a few consulting firms, Accenture among them, the U.S. Department of Energy hired him as a Strategy Consultant on the largest renewable energy projects in the world. He would later join forces with his business partner, Joe Marhamati, to establish Ipsun Solar. Herve grew Ipsun Solar from a small local installer to a major installer in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland doing both residential and commercial solar and advocacy for solar. Herve loves building the team of passionate solar enthusiasts.

Joe Marhamati


Joe has extensive experience in renewable energy project finance and energy efficiency policy development at the highest levels of government. At the White House, he served as an energy adviser to the President’s Chief Sustainability Officer. There he led both the Obama Administration’s Capital Solar Challenge and the President’s Performance Contracting Challenge. He also helped pioneer the deployment of clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, and geothermal through several billion dollars in financing.

Patrick Cavanaugh Sales Director

Director of Sales

He’s a solar sales expert with more than 8 years in the solar industry in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Working with homeowners, businesses, nonprofits, and government, he has helped hundreds of clients lower operating expenses and their carbon footprints. As a solar energy professional, he brings knowledge, experience, and strong values to every renewable energy project he undertakes. He is motivated by a desire to help grow the solar industry and to be a leading member of the renewable energy movement within the community he serves.

Shannon Killebrew Director of Shared Services

Director of Shared Services

Shannon Killebrew joined Ipsun Solar in March of 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Sustainability. Her love of the outdoors and interest in renewable energy sparked a strong desire to work in the solar industry. Prior to joining Ipsun, she began her career in the industry at a nationwide solar installer with a focus on permitting and inspections. She has many years of customer service experience and enjoys building strong working relationship with outside partners. Her role as the Shared Services Director at Ipsun Solar entails overseeing our Residential projects from design, permitting, inspection, and utility approval over many jurisdictions. She enjoys spending time her with family and pets, spending time outdoors and continuing to learn new technology to fight climate change.

John Mein Ipsun solar energy consultant


Solar Energy Consultant

John joined Ipsun Solar in March of 2020. His educational background includes a Master’s of Natural Resources Management from the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability at Virginia Tech and a Bachelor’s in Sustainable Studies from Colorado Mountain College. John entered the Solar Industry in 2018 by completing a summer residency program at Solar Energy International and managing a solar installation company on the Western Slope of Colorado. He is passionate about family, food, and freedom, especially the type of freedom offered by solar energy. John previously worked for a ski area specializing in helicopter lifts to the top of the hill. He feels guilty about all the carbon emissions from his frivolous days in the mountains and seeks atonement by providing solar energy to all. Contact him at john.mein@ipsunsolar.com to help him clear his guilty conscience.

Maris Burns Ipsun Inside Sales

Solar Energy Consultant

Maris joined Ipsun Solar in November of 2019. She is a graduate of George Washington University, where she studied Political Science. She has a particular interest in environmental policy and specializes in client relations and sales. She has previously worked as a constituent correspondence intern for former US Senator Bill Nelson and has years of experience in the service industry. She loves helping homeowners take the leap to go solar!

Dave Horan Profile Picture

Solar Energy Consultant

Dave joined Ipsun in June 2020 as a solar installer. He progressed to project manager and director of residential solar before transitioning to the sales side. Before Ipsun Solar, Dave ran his own design-build company installing aerial adventure parks and really long zip lines all around the country and even spent time as a licensed financial advisor. Dave may be the only solar professional you talk to who has carried panels up a three-story ladder, pulled wire in a 110-degree attic, and led an install crew. He can present solar options in clear, jargon-free terms–or he’s happy to get technical and nerd out about conversion ratios, panel degradation, and how battery storage works. Reach out at dave.horan@ipsunsolar.com.

Jane Nester


Solar Support Specialist

Jane has her bachelor’s degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. Her coursework combined with a lifelong love of the outdoors has both fostered an interest in renewable energy and launched her career in solar with Ipsun. She is passionate about helping people unlock the potential of our sun while benefiting our environment.

leandro mateus

Project Manager

Leandro joined Ipsun solar recently because he is passionate about renewable energy, the outdoors, and helping the world. He has years of hands-on experience working with mechanical systems. His educational background includes a degree in information technology and project management and he has experience with a variety of electrical components as well as previous work in the solar industry.

Heather Albarano


Human Resources Specialist

Heather Albarano has devoted her entire career to optimizing HR operations, energizing cross-functional teams, and achieving new levels of organizational success. In leading major HR initiatives for diverse organizations, she has consistently boosted staff performance, improved employee satisfaction, and developed top-performing leadership teams. Heather has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, including establishing best business practices while building out the HR function.  She has a passion for sustainability and recently supported the Solar and Microgrid divisions at a Fortune 500 company.

Senior Advisor for Governmental and Legal Affairs
Al has been a lawyer in private practice, focusing on energy and environmental matters, In Portland OR and Washington DC. His practice included legislative and administrative proceedings, as well as litigation, and project development, primarily wind and hydroelectric. He left private practice to join a West Coast wind energy company, where he was Sr. VP for governmental affairs and business development, and the deputy General Counsel.  Most recently he was General Counsel and head of Congressional and public affairs for the Inspector General at the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bobby Monacella

Marketing Manager

Bobby works on communications and marketing, helping to tell Ipsun’s story, and show how going solar with Ipsun is a great way to join the renewable energy revolution. She comes to us with many years of PR and marketing experience from both the outdoor industry and the Virginia environmental and climate community. Bobby is on the national leadership team of Mothers Out Front and is co-leader of her local MOF group in Fairfax, VA. MOF is a non-profit group that advocates for a livable climate for our kids. Bobby loves that her day job and her volunteer work go hand-in-hand, and feels strongly that working in solar energy is the best way to help her kids have a bright future.

Taryn Hightower Profile Picture

Inside Sales

Taryn joined Ipsun Solar in June of 2022. She received her bachelor’s degree in Human Communication from the University of Central Florida. Her previous experience includes working with brands to boost their sales and help them build client relationships. She is passionate about helping others invest in renewable energy for future generations to come!

Lisa Dolan Headshot

Inside Sales

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. Before joining Ipsun she worked to attain federal grants for infrastructure improvements throughout the US providing improved water systems, better living conditions, help with homelessness, and internet availability. Her interest in renewable energy lies in providing healthier and cleaner living options now and for generations to come. She enjoys communicating with individuals and listening to their stories and helping them attain the quality of life they desire. My hope is to provide and motivate individuals with the tools needed to create a more sustainable, cleaner, and healthier environment. I strive to learn something new every day. As a parent, I encourage my kids to do the same. Life is a culmination of teachable moments and knowledge is good power. Like solar energy!!

Pickle the solar wonderdog


Chief Security Officer

Pickle hails from North Carolina and has been part of the Ipsun family since 2017. His duties include guarding the office, begging for treats and morning zoomies.


We install the smallest home projects to the largest commercial projects in DC. We’re proudly local and fiercely loyal to our customers and our community.

9th largest solar panel project in Washington DC installed by Ipsun Solar

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