About Us

Ipsun is inspired by a Latin word meaning “your own.” Why are we called Ipsun? We install solar panels allowing anyone to generate their own power.

The energy status quo goes like this: Customer gives money to the electric utility each month, for power that is mostly from fossil fuels. Coal and gas power have consequences that are harmful to our communities and the environment.

We offer the ability to make a quick, easy change. By producing your own power, you will lock in low electricity costs from a cleaner source, and you will add value to your home or business.

Where we operate and our services

Solar panels in Virignia - Ipsun Power
Solar panels in Virignia – Ipsun Power

Ipsun Power is a full EPC company. That’s engineering, procurement and construction of solar. We do residential, commercial and utility-scale solar panel installations focusing on the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland area.

Getting work done to your property can be daunting. That’s why we pride ourselves on knowing the unique complexities of this industry and on designing custom-made systems for each client.

One of our co-founders is an electro-mechanical engineer. He designed one of the world’s first solar cars along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) over a decade ago. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we use a flexible approach. No one should settle for less than custom solar.

Our values

Solar panels with view on the U.S. Capital Building
Solar panels with view on the U.S. Capital Building

We are a mission-driven company. What gets us out of bed every day is providing solutions to climate change, creating energy resiliency, and making lasting, meaningful impacts on our communities. Our company is growing fast, and we are now a B Corp! We are consistently reviewed well and rated highly for our integrity, honesty, and above all, a love for what we do.

Our Mission

Fighting climate change by installing as many solar panels as we can.

Our Team

Herve Billiet

Co-founder and CEO

Herve is a renewable energy veteran. He first designed a solar car when he was 21 years old. Soon after, he was invited by MIT in Boston to advance its sustainable transportation initiatives. Herve then designed his first residential solar system in 2009. After working for a few consulting firms, Accenture among them, the U.S. Department of Energy hired him as a Strategy Consultant on the largest renewable energy projects in the world. He would later join forces with his business partner, Joe Marhamati, to establish Ipsun Power.

Joe Marhamati


Joe has extensive experience in renewable energy project finance and energy efficiency policy development at the highest levels of government. At the White House, he served as an energy adviser to the President’s Chief Sustainability Officer. There he led both the Obama Administration’s Capital Solar Challenge and the President’s Performance Contracting Challenge. He also helped pioneer the deployment of clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, and geothermal through several billion dollars in financing.

Leland Gohl

Director of Sales

Leland is passionate about solutions that help society adopt more sustainable ways of living. He has a background in International Affairs from the George Washington University and Corporate Sustainability from Harvard. Outside of work, he volunteers for the Sierra Club and is an Al Gore Climate Reality leader.

Micah Feigelson

Project Manager

Micah has a background in sustainability and community development. After earning an undergraduate degree from the George Washington University, he worked with the Peace Corps in Mali and Benin on projects related to water, health, and youth leadership development. His primary project in Peace Corps was the creation and management of local health groups in five villages. They trained over 2000 households and schools on health topics such as child nutrition, malaria control, and AIDS prevention. Having witnessed how the lives of West African people are transformed by inexpensive solar panels, benefiting both local families and the global environment, Micah is passionate about bringing affordable solar power to DC communities.


Director of Operations

Sal serves as Ipsun Power’s Director of Operations. He spent the past several years as a Supervisory Installer at Grid Alternatives where he installed hundreds of residential systems throughout the DC area, installed a few commercial solar projects, and trained solar installers. He helped to stand up the Mid-Atlantic Office. Sal has installed over a megawatt of distributed solar throughout his career and is passionate about helping individuals and businesses create their own power sustainably.

Humza Arshad

Energy Engineer

Humza is a dedicated energy engineer with 8 years of experience in renewable energy sales and project management. Before working at Ipsun, he worked on UN-funded sustainability projects in Latin America. He is driven by his desire to promote clean energy, environmental equity, and investment in a sustainable future.

Brandon Taylor

Director of Engineering

Brandon is a renewable energy professional with experience designing the electrical and mechanical aspects of commercial and industrial solar arrays and energy storage systems. These range from small residential to utility-scale projects. Previously, Brandon worked as a sustainability team member at an architecture and engineering firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He graduated from the Boston Architectural College with a bachelor of Sustainable Design, where he was given the opportunity to study renewable energy and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Carson McLean profile picture

Deputy Director of Engineering

Carson is passionate about renewable energy and has spent most of his career as a dedicated solar professional. After receiving his Bachelors in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado, Carson went on to work for Creative Energies, installing commercial and residential projects in Idaho and Wyoming. In 2015, after his time at Creative Energies, he joined the team at Namaste Solar in Denver, Colorado. He was a Project Manager and co-owner at Namaste Solar, overseeing residential projects in the greater Denver area. Carson brings his knowledge of the solar industry to the East Coast and continues his commitment to clean energy for a sustainable future with Ipsun Power.

Patrick Cavanaugh

Director of Business Development

Patrick moved to the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood in 2018 when his wife entered law school at George Washington. He’s a solar sales expert with more than 5 years in the solar industry in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Working with homeowners, businesses, nonprofits, and government, he has helped hundreds of clients lower operating expenses and their carbon footprints. As a solar energy professional, he brings knowledge, experience, and strong values to every renewable energy project he undertakes. He is motivated by a desire to help grow the solar industry and to be a leading member of the renewable energy movement within the community he serves.

Marc Spohn headshot

Deputy Director of Operations

Marc is our Deputy Director of Operations, working with the Director of Operations to ensure the job gets done! He boasts intensive photovoltaic technology and installation training and several years of experience. Previously he’s worked as a supervisor in the field and trained future solar installers, in California as well as the DMV. His core focuses are in safety, best practice installation techniques, and overall understanding of solar technology & operation. He is hoping to make a difference in the solar and renewable energy field. Marc comes to Ipsun Power from sunny California and GRID Alternatives.

Hannah Wiegard


Hannah assists with communications and marketing. That means helping community members and prospective solar clients notice and connect to Ipsun Power. She comes to us with two years of full-time solar marketing experience in the Carolinas. Hannah collects solar success stories from real, relatable solar customers. By showcasing these stories as well as other content, we help the solar movement grow. Hannah began her career promoting clean energy in 2010 as an organizer for the Alliance for Climate Protection and has also served in full-time campaign roles in Virginia with non profit organizations working to increase utility investment in energy efficiency, wind, and solar.


Helen Howes


Helen Howes is the  Former Managing Director – Safety, Health and Environment, Delta Air Lines, Inc and former VP, Environment, Health & Safety at Exelon Corporation ( Pepco). Helen helps steer Ipsun Power towards a sustainable future.

Mark Denner Profile Picture


Mark Denner is the former Vice President  (VP) of Sun Edison and former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of  Standard Solar. As Ipsun Power is growing fast he helps keep the company on track to achieve great success both for the company and its customers.

Join the Team

Does the thought of delivering more clean, renewable energy get you out of bed in the morning? If it does, and you are driven, passionate, capable, and ready to work with a like-minded team, then we’ve got just the position for you.


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